Atmos CBD is a multi-location retail & online brand that seeks to promote access to safe and affordable CBD products. They sell bespoke CBD products and nicotine alternatives in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

When we partnered with Atmos CBD, they were still at the concept stage, all they had was a name, and they needed a marketing partner with enough expertise to create their brand and make them stand out. We guided Atmos CBD from 1 retail location to 5 locations within 18 months.


Atmos CBD wanted to turn their concept into a strong brand presence, both online and locally.

They wanted a new perspective to present their products to digital audiences to increase sales in a very competitive market.


Since it was a business that was still at the concept stage, we had to create a new brand for Atmos CBD. We made sure that the branding showed the goals and identity of the business. We created a logo in line with their brand and designed postcards and mailers to pass to their customers.

Since Atmos CBD had local retail stores, we also created the branding for their physical stores to fit their online brand. We picked the colours, designs, and overall theme used in their retail stores


We built a custom e-commerce website that showcased the products they had to offer and also handled traffic that came with the orders.

The website was seamless, easy to use and heavily optimized for SEO.


Because they were a newly created business concept, Atmos CBD had no digital presence whatsoever before. With this industry the problem was we could only do SEO and no paid advertising so we had to turn it up a notch. Our goal was to create a strong digital presence online for their business. This would expand their audience reach and get them more customers. We had to do a lot of optimization to get a 110% increase in local online ranking.


We used our email marketing campaigns in order to promote new deals to customers and fetch reviews.

This way, we increased the number of positive reviews they had on their Google My Business listings.



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We started working with them before their 1st location and guided them to 5 locations within 18 months.