Brownstone Dental is a Houston, Texas based dental practice that provides a full range of dental services. Which includes veneers, implants, restorative services, preventative services, pediatric services, teeth whitening and more.

Brownstone dental realized that patients’ reliance on digital search to find dental services had increased tremendously and that they had to create a strong online presence if they wanted to remain competitive. Therefore, they needed a digital partner that would provide them with a strong online presence to get in front of users.

Before we joined hands, Brownstone Dental had an outdated website. They weren’t running ads or posting on their social media pages. Because of this, they weren’t really growing anything for their digital presence. Their reviews were very low and they weren’t showing up anywhere near the top on Google.


First thing, we built Brownstone Dental a custom website which was made to drive online appointments.

Through UI optimization, we were able to find a design that looked aesthetically appealing and bring in conversions.


While building their new website, we also improved their brand for them. We changed the colors, themes and fonts to create a brand which appealed more to potential patients.


We did multiple SEO techniques to ensure that their name showed up first whenever people in the Houston Area searched for dental services.

Through content optimization and link building we were able to drastically increase their ranking.


We managed their paid advertising that ran across Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads. We promoted all their services, especially Veneers which the client specifically requested to put focus on. With their paid advertising the main objective was to open a new sales channel in order to acquire patients.


Brownstone Dental had really low reviews on Google and Yelp. We were able to improve their reviews significantly.

For every patient that booked an appointment with Brownstone Dental, we would send them a personalized email asking them to give feedback on the quality of services rendered. This way, we were able to increase the number of positive feedback they got from their clients.


We managed their social media accounts and we were able to gain a wider reach of audience. We created the content that was designed to keep followers engaged and sharing our posts. There was content being published every other day on all their social media channels.


Through our digital marketing efforts, we were starting to compile a large email audience. With automated review campaigns this helped us gain a lot of 5 star reviews.

We would also promote specials throughout their audience such as teeth whitening, back to school and much more. This helped Brownstone Dental gain a lot of patients that would keep coming back.


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