One Step Diagnostic, a medical imaging company, from a brand struggling for identity to an emeritus in their industry.

Hoping to expand awareness of its services, One Step Diagnostic needed a way to advertise its complex diagnostic services in easily understandable digital marketing materials that potential patients would find engaging. We were up to the task and carried it out expertly.

Before partnering with us, One Step Diagnostic had no digital presence aside from their Google MyBusiness and Yelp. Their website was outdated and had no scheduling system either.

physicians check the imaging results


The first thing we did for One Step Diagnostic was build them a brand.

We’ve made them into a reputable and renowned brand in the medical imaging market with specialized branding tools through brand guidelines and uniformity. Bringing their business to the new age.


We designed and developed a custom website for One Step Diagnostic to promote all of their services while staying brand appealing to its Users.

We added an online scheduling tool where users
could schedule their upcoming appointment and it
would generate on their CRM.


We managed One Step Diagnostics paid search and social advertising.

Using manual bidding to set a target cost per acquisition for each patient we were able to grow their business tremendously.


We built them a consistent and engaging audience on all of their social media channels. Through scheduled engaging posts, we were able to build a following that stuck with One Step Diagnostic. Customer retention and organic growth.

One Step Diagnostic building
One step diagnostic ambulatory surgery room


They had several reviews on Google, MyBusiness, and Yelp, but couldn't take action on them until we stepped in.

With proper review management, we compiled and sorted these reviews and provided them with analyzed feedback on customers’ responses to their services. We also had review generation campaigns to promote more reviews creating more trust for the business.





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Just as we wielded our expertise in digital marketing and branding for One Step Diagnostic company, we can do the same for you. In a short time, you will find your business booming and your customer base growing exponentially. Give us a try and see. If you are skeptical, ask One Step Diagnostic.