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Modern businesses rise and fall on the strength of their reviews. These days, customers aren’t the only ones scrutinizing reviews. Search engines and directories take them into account as well. Maintaining an upstanding digital reputation starts with diligent review management.

Get the Word Out

You might think reviews are the customer’s job — but you’d be wrong. Soliciting reviews and encouraging customers to give feedback is very much the business’s responsibility. At LeadOrigin, we know how to deploy effective review management strategies that keep new reviews coming in.

Communication is key​

Communication is Key​

Responding to reviews opens up channels of communication with your audience, inviting further feedback and valuable customer insights. It also serves as a positive search signal, demonstrating your business’s activity and commitment to customer service. Through consistent review monitoring and response, we take a proactive role which ensures reviewers that your business is listening.

Enhancing and Mitigating

Knowing how to respond to reviews is a bit of a tightrope act. But if you manage to strike the right balance, you can enhance positive reviews and mitigate negative reviews, all by crafting careful, measured, and purposeful responses. We’re happy to show you the ropes.

Enhancing and mitigating
the big picture to spot

The Big Picture

There is no shortage of different websites to leave reviews on. From directories like Google My Business and Yelp, to private websites like blogs, to reviews in media sources like newspapers and magazines, a review of your business could pop up just about anywhere.

At Lead Origin, we make sure that we’re looking at the entire picture. That means monitoring every relevant review platform and performing regular searches to spot any media mentions or inclusions on private websites.

We manage over 100
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