How To Use Storytelling In Advertising

How To Use Storytelling In Advertising

Storytelling is the art of sharing stories, emphasizing certain points, using theatrics, or embellishment to convey a message.

Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, or a vehicle to share values. A story can be told in many ways including via painting, videography, photography, poems, writings, books, etc.

It is an art that is very difficult to master but when mastered, it can affect people in ways that will bring long-term loyalty to a brand or product.


In the online world, it is very easy to tell the story of your brand so it appeals to a certain audience. Telling a story affects people emotionally and gets them attached to your brand and this is the best way to raise brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Once the people are emotionally attached to your brand they will come back for more in terms of what you are providing to them – The CONTENT!


For example, a small coffee shop could have a video about what the coffee shop means to the local public and how it provides a place for the local people to hang out, chat, sip some coffee and have a good time.

The aspect of the local community having an attachment and depending on such a coffee shop will definitely bring in a loyal customer base.

storytelling for marketing

Now one would ask, how does storytelling work?

Well, you take a concept or a grand idea and you explain it in the most creative way you can. While being creative, you have to understand what the public or your targeted group likes and dislikes.

You also have to ask what form of storytelling would be most effective in certain situations. To be creative while telling a story you have to show your concept or idea from different angles.

Showing one angle, being in a poem or painting would be dull and boring to the people, but the second you show a different side that has not yet been shown suddenly people open their minds and think about what you have shown/told them.

This will build anticipation and allow people to be on the lookout for more content from your brand.


Storytelling is increasingly used in advertising in this day in age.

Companies are using highly memorable tactics that build bonds with customers. Of course, our brains are definitely likely to be more engaged with storytelling than with simple fact presentations.