What is the Importance of Email Marketing for Your Business?

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Businesses have adopted various strategies to keep up with an ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Amidst all these, should you still consider the importance of email marketing in your business plan?

Email marketing stands as one of the most effective strategies to connect with your target audience. It holds many advantages for brands and businesses to thrive in a seemingly competitive digital arena.

The question is, why do you need email marketing for your business? Here is a list of its benefits.

Everyone has an email

Did you know that around half of the global population has an email? There are over 3.8 billion active email accounts. It is significantly larger than Facebook’s 2.3 billion active monthly users.

Almost everyone online uses an email or two and relies on it for the success of their everyday online activity. You need an email to open a social media account, purchase online, access websites, and even authenticate transactions.

Email marketing is definitely a huge deal. You will realize that the value of email marketing can help your overall business plan.

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Covers the entire buying funnel

Aside from directly reaching your customers right to their inboxes, this strategy gets the entire buying funnel, which other online trends cannot cover.

Emails can be a proactive tool for information, brand awareness, and consideration, which may lead to purchasing. It is also capable of nurturing buyers with additional and helpful content for repeat orders.

Provides Return on Investment (ROI)

Another importance of email marketing is its potential for high return on investment (ROI).

According to a US study, companies can expect $44 earnings for every $1 investment.

Your business can enjoy the benefits such as cost-effectiveness, automation, and scalability without having to shell out chunks of investment money.

Boost brand awareness

Although businesses typically resort to social media for brand awareness, it does not mean that email marketing falls behind.

In fact, people who sign-up for your mailing list means they have a higher level of interest in your brand. You can boost brand awareness by consistently informing your customers what you are up to.

By this, it means you do not just sell stuff in your email, you also promote other activities you might have been involved with, say community events, recent partnerships, and many others. This also forms a sense of personality for your brand that your customers can relate to.

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Low cost

Maintaining a campaign can be as low as $10 per month.

With only a few dollars per month, you can already reach thousands of your target audience. Sometimes, a company can even offer a free month trial, so you can send thousands of emails before you finally confirm your subscription.

You can use an email management tool to oversee your segment, send email campaigns, and measure the results in one go.

As you grow your email list and deal with thousands of emails daily, you may need an extra hand to help you manage your email campaigns.

Lead Origin gives you the best conversion services at the best prices if you have a business in Austin, Houston & Dallas. What’s great about working with Lead Origin is that you can work together to design an effective email marketing campaign depending on the allotment you can pull off.

Measure performance

You will know that your strategy works if your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) show you favorable results.

To understand this, you need supporting data that are accurate and show real-time performances.

Email marketing tools provide tracking for every email campaign you send out. Its report consists of the following:

  • Click through Rate. The rate of recipients who clicked on one or more links provided within the email.
  • Conversion Rate. The rate of recipients who clicked a link and took necessary action such as filling up a form or buying a product.
  • List Growth Rate. The percentage of your growing email list.
  • Overall ROI. The revenue you get from your email campaign investment.
  • Open Rate. The percentage of recipients who opened your email.
  • Bounce Rate. The rate of total emails sent that have not reached the recipients’ inbox.
  • Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate. The percentage of recipients who shared the content of the email through social media by using the “share this” button. It also counts the rate of recipients who shared through the “forward” button.
  • Unsubscribe Rate. The rate of recipients who clicked on the unsubscribe button.

These data are essential to determine what works from what does not. Generally, tracking the performance of your emails provides a better understanding of your customer’s behavior so that you can align your communication strategy.

You can interconnect digital email marketing with your other marketing strategies.

Track which emails contribute to website traffic through Google Analytics. Your tools can also give an overview of what emails lead to your social media pages.

Drives consistent engagement

consumer engagement concept

The email has been existing for the past 40 years. Despite different forms of online communication, email remains one of the best platforms to reach your audience.

An email message can drive your audience to engage with your business. Whether you want to direct your customers to your website, follow your social media pages, book a consultation, or call your office, an effective email can cultivate these activities.

Providing blocks of texts for your emails may not be a good idea in generating positive engagement for your customers.

Try to incorporate some of these helpful ideas into your emails.

  • Insert a video or photos. Visually appealing emails can get your customers to scroll down your newsletter. These items are factors to make them stay and explore your message longer. Optimize your emails in such a way that your customers can easily click on your external links.
  • Host polls. Know what’s on your customer’s mind. Gather feedback from your customers by hosting surveys and offering incentives in return.
  • Play on other elements. Check out how inserting emojis in subject lines can promote most opens.

Try to be as personalized as possible and address them with their first names. A study finds an 8% increase in open rates for personalized emails.

The more open emails you have, the more possibility of an engagement or purchase.

Lead Origin’s team can help you curate an effective email sequence that generates leads and influences purchases among your customers.

It creates campaigns specifically designed for your brand. Such drives undergo testing until you see significant positive movement in your customer’s behavior.

Real-time customer reach

The majority of users open their emails through their mobile devices.

You can curate effective campaigns and incorporate them with other platforms such as social media to capture consumers who are always on the go.

Customer retention

Another reason why email marketing is important to your brand is its capacity to promote customer loyalty.

With email, you build a relationship with your customer even after they made a purchase. You can ask for their feedback and provide value by sending content that may be helpful for them through regular newsletters.

Engaging emails keep your customers hooked to your brand.

Now be careful in sending too much. While it is essential to be consistent, this does not mean you have to send out emails daily.

To know more about email marketing strategies that will not annoy your customer, Lead Origin can give you insights for customer retention without losing interest.

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Share your content

Digital marketing is a sphere with key drivers that would generate sales for you.

An email newsletter is an effective way to promote your other digital platforms. Here you can introduce your website, share a snippet of your new blog post, provide guides, embed previews of your videos, and many others.

By providing links to these contents, your customers also get to explore other existing platforms you have.

While it is great to distribute your content to all your customers, scrutinize the interests of your segments, and know what content will add value to them. It is essential to cultivate a customer journey and eventually land a purchase.

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Will emails ever get old? With billions of people using email and the broad reach it can offer to your business, you know that emails are here to stay.

Digital email marketing needs not to adjust instantly with emerging trends that constantly change the marketing world.

That is why the importance of email marketing is still relevant to this day. For years, it has proven to be a strong force in generating leads while promoting brand awareness without making significant adjustments.

Just as long as emails are sent out with solid and effective messages while promoting user experiences, these will continue to be a leading marketing strategy.

Consult with email marketing partners

The best way to make the most of the importance of email marketing is to get partners to handle the job for your business.

Lead Origin is a leading digital marketing, and it can help you maximize your investment and generate the best results for your business wherever you are in Austin, Houston & Dallas.

Contact Lead Origin today to discuss how the value of email marketing can keep your business on top of the game.