5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

5 Content Marketing Trends to watch in 2021

When done correctly, content can drive brand awareness, demand, and huge revenue.

If you have been in the digital marketing world for some time, you would understand the significance of changing content strategy over time.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic swiftly changed the creation, distribution, and amplification of content.

We wonder, what is 2021 going to look like for content marketers?


With all that in mind, here are the key content trends you need to follow in 2021: 


1. Video content will (still) be the king! 

Let us not forget that video content has taken the marketing world by storm in the past decade. And it will continue to do so in the coming years! 

It has dethroned every other type of content and has become an effective way to engage influencers, generates leads, and even create an additional income method.

According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, video content is predicted to be around 80% of all internet traffic, up from 67% in 2016. There will be nearly 1.9 billion Internet video users by 2021, which means that the world will be watching 3 trillion minutes of video per month by 2021, which is 5 million years of video per month.

So, it is pretty clear what you need to focus on in 2021? 

Go live, hold webinars, target the teachers who suddenly become experts in Google Meets, and all remote workers who have no choice but to go for Zoom meetings – make content for them, and your sales will boost significantly.


2. Engage audience through Interactive/Personalizing Content

Personalized content, the current marketing trend of 2020, will evolve beyond addressing customers by their name in the email in 2021. So, be ready! 

In the coming years, artificial intelligence will change content marketing in big ways. It will make data analysis more efficient and effective, allowing you to achieve hyper-personalization. 

AI can handle huge amounts of data, which would take months of work from dozens of people, and allow marketers to build better content marketing strategies. 

It will help you choose the perfect email template, craft content, and copy that fits your exact needs. 

Those who have already experimented with AI-powered content found it super beneficial. 

Apart from AI Solutions, content needs to be engaging to catch the attention of users. One way of making content more interactive is by using different formats like quizzes, short-form videos, and infographics to get the message across without losing your audience. Just like BuzzFeed quizzes. They are fun, right? 


3. Build content communities

The popularity of content communities across different platforms is being considered the most popular trend of 2021. In this highly digital world, people still can feel lonely and disconnected – This goes for both; Personal and business relationships — specifically between brands and their customers or brands and their employees.

For your company’s 2021 content marketing trends, consider creating a private, content-driven community for customers. You can use a Facebook Group, or, better, start a community using Mighty Networks, Zapnito, Tribe, or similar platforms.  

This trend will allow marketers to share specific content with the targeted audiences, even with limited resources.

The biggest benefit of a brand to engage with related content communities is that they can reach a wider audience from social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and make the most of marketing. This also helps them tap into the massive pool of expert writers who are willing and excited to write for your brand.

No matter what type of content, a blog, vlog, video marketing, podcast, or any other form, communities create brand awareness more effectively. So, there are good chances for this trend to fly high in the new year.


4. Doubling down on SEO

Some things never get old. When it comes to content marketing, SEO is like a life-partner – till death do us apart.

Expect the efforts to be double when it comes to SEO in 2021. The big brands will do everything to stay on top, and the newbies will try to catch up and set themselves apart from the mighty SEO giants. 

As the pandemic took an enormous toll, not only on human life but also on small businesses across the world, in 2021, try to shift your focus on them through local SEO. 

A local support base can boost sales for small businesses, and to make it happen, you need local SEO to be rock solid. Get started by signing up for Google My Business.


5. Repurpose content and make the most of your marketing

“Less is more” is all that we need in 2021.

Utilizing fewer resources to put out great content for your audience will be the key to successful marketing. 

Repurposing the content means taking one asset and reusing it somewhere. Each time you write a blog post, you write it for the specific audience in mind, but this can change over time. This is when repurposing comes in handy. 

It is just like revising your content to add more value. It can elevate blogs to a newer audience and adjust your message to relate to the current situation. 

The content that has already been used in blogs can be revamped for webinars, live videos, whiteboard animation, and so much more. It is a never-ending goldmine that you can dig out for your podcasts and conferences. Instead of reinventing the wheel, repurpose it to turbo speed.

Above all, recycling content helps your SEO in several ways: First, it allows you to invest your resources wisely and reach wider audiences. Secondly, you can update your content according to the current marketing trends. 


Grab on to these emerging content marketing trends

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