KMM (Knowledge, Marketing, Mindset)

KMM (Knowledge, Marketing, Mindset)

When it comes to business, blockades are an ordinary opponent. Whether it’d be lack of execution or lack of funds. 

The reason you’re reading this is that you have to fly past all the barriers as if you had no parachute. The way to do that is “KMM” or (Knowledge, Marketing, Mindset). 

So, what does KMM actually do to help you raise the digits…?

When you’re climbing up the typical business chain you just want to get a higher position in your business and start earning as much as those scary men in suits. As opposed to when you start your own business you have to do everything on your own you have to collect all the data in order for you and your company to succeed and that’s when the KNOWLEDGE comes into play the first step in “KMM”. 

Your business doesn’t grow if you don’t have any knowledge. As billionaire Warren Buffett says “learn to earn”. Why run into your opponent if you don’t have to. You could’ve just learned the solution before it even happened.

But, why should you learn the knowledge if you don’t know how to show your business to other people?

If you don’t show your business to other people then how will you make money you know the main goal, raise your funds. This brings us to the second step that is MARKETING. Every business needs marketing in order to make money. Marketing gets your baby aka (your business) where it needs to go. 

So now you know the knowledge, which will help you get rid of upcoming and present problems. You know the marketing, which will help you start making money. 

But, are you really going to settle there?

Why would you not want to make much much more! And that’s when you need the third and final step MINDSET. That’s what helps you scale. Haven’t you heard the famous quote which goes something like “get a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life”. This is called scaling. If you help the man to scale he will be getting much much more. 


KMM is the short way to help your business start off and start scaling. First, make some money then make more money. Isn’t that the goal to raise the funds in your bank account?