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Aiming to be recognized as the leading provider of IT solutions and services in Texas, Allied IT Systems leverages a team of highly skilled professionals. Their passion lies in exceeding client expectations by crafting customized solutions that address specific needs.


Allied IT Systems struggled to attract new clients online despite wanting to leverage free search engine traffic. To address this, a multi-pronged approach was implemented. A website audit identified technical SEO issues and content gaps. Keyword-rich content was created, backlinks built, and local search efforts amplified. 

Additionally, targeted advertising ran on Google Ads and Meta platforms. This resulted in a surge in website traffic, improved domain authority, and successful lead generation with a cost-effective advertising campaign, ultimately leading to significant business growth.


Allied IT Systems aimed to attract more potential clients online and turn their website visitors into paying customers. Their focus was on gaining organic search engine traffic, which meant:

  • Drawing in their ideal audience through the website.
  • Encouraging website visitors to become paying clients.
  • Boosting their online visibility without resorting to tactics that could harm their search engine ranking.


To achieve the desired results, we implemented a multi-phase approach:

  1. Deep Dive and Strategy:

We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to pinpoint areas where Allied IT Systems’ website could be strengthened. This analysis provided a foundation for our strategy.

  1. Website Optimization

Technical SEO fixes: We addressed crucial website issues like duplicate content, broken links, and slow loading times, ensuring a smooth user experience for visitors.

  1. Building Online Presence:

A robust SEO campaign was launched, including:

  • Guest posting on high-authority websites: This strategy secured valuable backlinks, improving the website’s credibility and search ranking.
  • Local citations and directory listings: Increased visibility in local online searches.
  1. Content Marketing:
  • Homepage and service pages were optimized with relevant keywords, making them more discoverable by search engines.
  • Regular blog posts: Created fresh, informative content to attract website traffic and improve ranking for non-branded keywords.
  • Local SEO focus: A consistent stream of local content and backlinks boosted the website’s visibility in local search results.
  1. Paid Advertising:
  • Targeted local Google Ads campaigns: We used local keyword research to craft localized ad copy, reaching the intended audience within the specific region.
  • Strategic Meta Ads campaign: Engaging ad content was tailored to Allied IT Systems’ target audience on Facebook and Instagram, leveraging Meta’s advanced targeting tools for maximum reach.


LeadOrigin’s efforts resulted in a significant boost in website traffic through continuous keyword research and optimization. We also tackled a decline in referring domains by securing high-quality backlinks from established websites, which significantly improved the website’s overall authority score. 

Moreover, expanding the targeted keywords through content creation and optimized meta tags further enhanced organic reach. Trust signals were bolstered by incorporating trust logos, while the paid advertising campaigns yielded impressive results. With a near-perfect display share, a low cost per click, and a strong conversion rate, the campaign generated over 10,000 conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.


Key Metrics:

  • Achieved a 9.99% display impression share with a low average CPC of $0.75, leading to 33,284 clicks and a conversion rate of 1.39%, resulting in 10,374 conversions. The campaign showed a low cost per conversion of $2.40, a CTR of 1.23%, and a CPE of $0.01.


Allied IT Systems underwent a remarkable digital marketing turnaround. Strategic SEO and advertising campaigns significantly boosted their online presence, leading to a streamlined process for attracting potential clients (lead generation) and increased brand awareness. This comprehensive SEO approach, coupled with the highly successful advertising campaign, paved the way for substantial growth and market share gains in the coming year.



What our Clients Say

Sofia Morales
Sofia Morales
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We appreciate all the work LeadOrigin has done for us. They designed and have been managing our company’s website and we could not be happier with the amazing work they have continously provided us.
Grace Parrish
Grace Parrish
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We've had a terrific experience with LeadOrigin! Our online sales have more than doubled since they started running our Google ads.
Dexter Robertson
Dexter Robertson
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We are beyond pleased with our experience with LeadOrigin. The team here has been such a great asset to our company and has contributed deeply to our companies growth.
Ellis Walker
Ellis Walker
November 6, 2023
Catherine Marks
Catherine Marks
November 5, 2023
John Walker
John Walker
October 22, 2023
Jacqueline Ulrich
Jacqueline Ulrich
October 21, 2023
Jennie Reis
Jennie Reis
October 17, 2023
Dawn Sims
Dawn Sims
October 16, 2023
We got a website from the LeadOrigin team, and they delivered an attractive, user-friendly website. From the content to the design of the pages and development. Everything was so fast.
Laura Schilling
Laura Schilling
October 1, 2023
David Quinones
David Quinones
September 27, 2023
The design services provided exceeded all expectations, we had a full brand guide created and after a little back and forth. We were able to have something we never seen before!
Alice Smith
Alice Smith
September 25, 2023
The paid advertising campaign LeadOrigin executed for us has driven so much traffic and conversions. The team definitely has expertise in campaign optimization.
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