Why Your Organization Needs an Internal Blog

internal blogging

Blogs remain a powerful part of content marketing for businesses of all sizes and types.

They provide information, engagement, and offer an accessible platform for sharing announcements. As much value as they give customers, blogs can provide the same to employees themselves.

An internal company blog accessed through the private company intranet allows for a quick and more comfortable spread of content of value to managers, project teams, and all workers from top to bottom.

What Are the Benefits of Internal Blogging?

In these modern days of employment volatility, engaging every person in your organization and keeping them working their best is an important task. Use the same techniques that attract consumers to your brand to increase this level of internal engagement with corporate blogging best practices.

There are three main benefits of starting an internal blog.

1. Share Important and Interesting Information

Valuable content gives new knowledge that the readers need.

internal company blog share important information

If your company undergoes changes, introduces a new policy, opens a new market sector, or expands the product line, everyone should know.

Another great benefit of internal blogging is the ability to offer additional snippets of education or training that will help things work more smoothly. Get all the departments involved and use notification systems to ensure everyone knows about the posts.

2. Communicate the Brand Mission and Goals

Just like consumers want a reason to use your brand, employees need to know what you stand for too.

corporate blogging best practices brand goals

Vision, goals, values, and anything meaningful beyond the day-to-day quest for profits is an important topic for internal blogging content.

A touch of meaningful inspiration every day or week may help retain top talent and improve productivity. Employees will feel as if they are working for something important together.

3. Make Employees Part of the Culture and Conversation

Workers want to feel appreciated and a part of cohesive company culture or community.

internal company blog employee part culture

They need to feel like they matter.

While this may seem like a tall order for an intranet blog, the platform is actually an excellent way to do this.

  • Solicit feedback for blog posts. Post, polls, and questionnaires.
  • Start conversations and invite anyone to join in.
  • Share articles, photos, and videos of company events and;
  • Celebrate special occasions in the lives of staff.

These techniques increase engagement and loyalty to the company for all the right reasons.

Corporate Blogging Best Practices Explained

Above all else, internal blogging activities must match the overall strategy of your brand.

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While this seems to focus outward on consumers, every member of your organization needs to align their efforts and interests with the strategy and mission in order to achieve goals. How do you achieve this with an internal company blog?

Make all content accessible and upbeat. This is the place to inspire, redirect, and create loyalty. Give information of value that encourages the actions and attitudes your company needs to succeed. Inject some fun and offer opportunities for collaboration or employee-led content.

Happy employees who feel like an integral part of the company are more likely to do their best work and stick around.