Revealing Connections

Effective targeting means understanding the intricacies of audience behavior. By leveraging AI and machine learning, we create automated systems that never rest in their quest to generate lucrative targeting insights out of complex datasets.

“Too Much” Data? Never.

AI allows us to process incredible amounts of data well beyond human capabilities. Machine learning can incorporate every last variable into its algorithms, no matter how big your dataset. We’ll help you transform even the most overwhelming morass of information into a treasure trove of targets.
Artificially intelligent optimization

(Artificially) Intelligent Optimization

Marketing is all about trial and testing. With AI, we both automate and rapidly accelerate this process. Automated testing pits your best creative efforts against one another and uses machine learning techniques to rapidly reveal the winners.

Target Acquired

AI can do a lot more than just point out a target. It can also help you craft the super-relevant contextual messaging that users can’t help but click on. We’d love to show you how we can put machine intelligence to work to automatically generate personalized appeal.
AI target acquired
AI and big data - ever-expanding


How do you broaden your audience? Sometimes the answer to attracting new faces is taking a closer look at your existing audience. That’s precisely what we do with lookalike audience targeting. Using AI and big data, we identify users with similar interests similar to your existing audience and bring them into the fold.