Influencer Marketing

Social media represents one of the most powerful inroads to reaching consumers. Through influencers marketing, we can contextualize your business’s message into format proven to engage with your audience.


Influencers add a personalized human touch to everything they interact with. Able to showcase products and services in the real world, influencers help establish a powerful reputation for the items and brands they choose to feature.


Influencers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether engaging with a legitimate celebrity broadcasting to their audience of millions, or dialing into a specific niche audience where a relatively small-time influencer commands great attention, leveraging influencer star power is a potent method of putting your brand on the map.

Expand Your

Influencers have sway over more platforms than ever. Create a holistic influencer marketing strategy combining diverse social media sites ranging from Instagram to Twitch to Pinterest and beyond. Stake your claim across every channel with help from the influencers who have mastered their craft.


An opportunity for much more than static product promotion, influencer marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to deliver their message through novel means. Give audiences a look at your brand or business through the eyes of an influencer, or put your company at the center of a story tailored to resonate with an influencer’s audience.

Create Connections

Our influencer marketing specialists are here to help you create lasting influencer connections that will bring your business to new heights. Combing through our extensive influencer network, we select the ideal partnerships based on interests and audiences.

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craft content

Craft Content

Collaborate with influencers to create content that displays your products and services in the best light. Fine-tune the details to produce content that excites, engages, and motivates audiences to learn more about your business.

Multi-Faceted Approach

Combine your influencer marketing campaign with a number of other channels through LeadOrigin’s omnichannel marketing strategy. Our omnichannel experts can synergize all of your marketing channels into a consistent plan that broadcasts your brand identity across all of the most relevant platforms and placements.
multi-faceted approach
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Stay Current

Influencers are often at the forefront of the latest and greatest trends. When they’re not setting trends themselves, they are broadcasting their interests to their ever-expanding following. With help from the right influencers, your products and services can share in the limelight – and perhaps become the latest trend.

Authenticity First

Influencer marketing can lend an authenticity to placements rarely found anywhere in advertising. Building authentic connections between influencers, audiences, and businesses, influencer marketing campaigns are one of the most effective means of engaging difficult-to-reach audiences who demand authenticity.
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