SEO vs. CRO: Why They Should Always Go Together

SEO vs. CRO_ Why They Should Always Go Together

For most people, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) are separate entities that have no relationships.

Meanwhile, both strategies go hand-in-hand for successful marketing.

Businesses must adopt both strategies to connect with their target audience online and meet marketing goals.

In this blog post, we shall discuss both concepts, how to connect them, and their importance to your business.

What are SEO and CRO?

What are SEO and CRO_

SEO is the process of boosting a website for visibility on search engines. When people use search engines to search for products, services, or even the nearest restaurant, SEO is why your company will show up if related.

This means SEO quality determines search results and a business’ visibility.

CRO is a marketing strategy used to increase the number of website visitors and convert them to complete a goal.

This goal could be to sign up for your newsletter, register for an event, add a product to your cart, or check out an order.

How to make SEO and CRO work together on your Website

How to make SEO and CRO work together on your Website

Attention has been paid to SEO over the years. It is time to combine both processes to rank, convert visitors, and make revenue.

Here, we shall touch on steps to rank your website and increase your conversion rate.

1. Find Searchers’ Queries and Build Content around them

Search engines only rank websites with relevant content. With tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc., your business can get queries people put into search engines.

After that, your business should build those queries into engaging blog posts, videos, and so on, bearing SEO requirements in mind. Then, search engines will match your website with users with those queries.

2. Optimize for Conversion

Attracting visitors to your website is not enough. The content on your website must be optimized to help visitors take action. To do this, add a call to action (CTA) button where you want people to take those actions.

Do you want people to download a guide, enquire about a plan, book an appointment, etc.? Use a CTA button to achieve that? This will increase your conversion rate.

3. A/B Testing

Optimize various pages on your website and measure which converts more. These could be the services/product page and the blog.

Why SEO and CRO should go together

Why SEO and CRO should go together

SEO and CRO practices must be combined well for the success of your business online. Let us look at the importance of SEO and CRO to your business.

1. Wider Reach and Audience

Search engines will continually connect you with more people when you create content on your website and optimize them for SEO and CRO. Your business will reach new markets as well.

2. Trust Building

People will trust you more as people search for content online and find them on your website. Your website will automatically become their go-to place when they need more helpful information next. Take Forbes, for example, people will always visit their blogs for valuable business information. This is because they are perceived as experts on business issues.

3. Conversion Enhancement

Through analytics tools like Google Analytics and the likes, you will find more information about how people convert to your website.

You will be exposed to data on metrics, dimensions, and conversions. This will help you understand what conversion practice to continue or stop.

If you realize that people interact more with your ‘share’ CTA button on your blog rather than ‘comment,’ you can continue using the button when you send emails to your audience or through other communication forms.

Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization are related and cannot be separated.

Both strategies work together to rank your website, drive traffic, get conversions, and, most of all, make sales.

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