What is a Landing Page and Why Every Business Needs Them

Stack Of Coins In Front Of Blackboard Showing Landing Page Concept

As marketing grows by the day, new terms and steps generate too. Marketing has spread its tentacles wide to both the online and the offline spaces.

With the advent of technology, every business owner now goes with the digital marketing flow. One of them is the use of landing pages.

Landing pages serve business owners numerous purposes as they attract the right audience to their websites.

This article will highlight what a landing page is, its components, and its importance to every business. Let’s dive in.

What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page

A landing page is where a visitor lands after interacting with a marketing campaign. This often takes place after a person clicks on an email link, social media ad, and so on.

A person could even be directed to a landing page through a CTA (call to action) button. Most times, a landing page stands apart from other pages on a website.

It’s distinct from the home page, about page, or even the services page. To utilize a landing page the right way, it must focus on a single marketing campaign.

When a business has different marketing campaigns, different landing pages should exist.

Components of a Landing Page

Many tools for creating landing pages might have different structures. However, the concern here is to show what will make your business landing page attract the audience to take desired actions. We shall look at key elements to include.

1. Unique Selling Proposition

Use headlines, a reinforcing statement, and a closing statement to state your business’ unique sides. Tell your audience what makes you different.

2. Image/Video

Let an image or a video showing what your marketing campaign is about. If you are a bicycle company, show a picture or a video of someone riding your bicycle.

3. Benefits

State the benefits of your product or service. The audience wants to know how your products/services will improve their lives.

4. Social Proof

Include a list of the few people with whom your company has worked. This could take the form of text or even logos.

5. A Call to Action Button

Let your CTA show the audience what to do next. This CTA button should reflect what your marketing campaign is about.

Why a Landing Page is Important to every Business

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Having discussed what a landing page is and its components, we will look at what makes landing pages important to every business.

1. Get New Leads

Leads do not come magically. Attracting leads requires some effort from a business. Research shows that businesses with up to 10-15 landing pages have a 55% increase in leads. When your business has a landing page, it attracts new leads.

2. Generate Data

When leads interact with your landing page, it is an avenue to gather key information from them. This information is often their names, email addresses, phone numbers, company, and location.

Through them, your business can always reach out to them with updates. In return for the details provided, your business can give a free eBook, pass to a webinar, a guide, and so on.

3. Hitting Conversion Goals

Research states that landing pages generate 26% conversion rates to businesses. Through a landing page, your business can meet its marketing goals.

Your landing page has the necessary elements listed above to spur visitors to take the desired action. It could be buying a product, subscribing to your newsletter, attending an event, and others.

4. Great User Experience (UX)

Since a landing page focuses on a particular goal or marketing campaign, it makes it easy for visitors to navigate it well without confusion.

A home page, for example, contains different information, different CTAs, which could be unclear to visitors.

On the contrary, a landing page gives visitors a great user experience because the page contains a single message with a clear CTA.

Landing pages will continue to contribute to the growth of your business if effectively utilized for digital marketing campaigns.

It centers on a single marketing goal, unlike the home page or other pages on a website. Learned a thing or two? Leave a comment on the post.